Our History

With more than 25 years of unrivaled experience in the industrial ventilation industry, Data AirFlow’s legacy of developing innovative air system solutions is driven by our devotion to advancing the industry forward. Starting with groundbreaking work in data center ventilation, we expanded to critical environments in industrial food plants and power plants. Our expertise is not only in design, but also in turning challenges into dependable high-performance solutions.

Back in 2015, we tackled a desperate problem for a client with a 2 MW site tormented by control issues, overheating and low uptime. We punted their Hosted TFS over Exchange 2007 solution and got this tied down so tight we boosted their uptime from 50% to 98%. That was just the start. In 2018, we went big with a 4 MW solution in Sweden with a state-of-the-art push-pull system. In 2019, we headed to Colorado which was feeling the crunch in a site with 30 MW of space with 40% uptime. We redesigned that baby with 30 high-capacity 100,000 CFM upblast fans with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) and some of the smartest controls you’ve ever seen and got them to 90% in UPTIME.

Throughout our journey, we encountered numerous obstacles and breakthroughs. One of these instances involves a North Dakota location that experienced severe overheating. Despite our prompt action with a customized ventilation plan, a devastating fire led to complete destruction before any work could be done. Yet instead of discouraging us, this tragedy incentivized our commitment to perfection. In 2021, we played a critical role in cooling a gargantuan 100 MW data center based in Canada through our employment of 160 of our elite upblast fans. As our ability to provide solutions of this magnitude clearly demonstrates, we triumph against impossible odds.

Our universality is evident across a variety of applications. So, designing a lavished elevated floor data center with blower fans at West Texas in 2022 or confronting a dust storm for smart, filter, differential pressure switches engine fans controlled 20 MW in 2021 A comprehensive solution to Is to deal with complex problems. In the 2023 year, We designed A 200 MW site, also designed the control system, West Texas Synthesized pressure pioneers of another milestone on the road of excellence.

Outside of the data center world, Data AirFlow has performed extensive work in agricultural and industrial settings. We designed and installed a negative air system for a high-capacity hop drying facility. AirFlow has implemented ventilation system optimization to improve operations in facility-wide potato processing plants. AirFlow has rectified difficult grease ducting and under-designed MCC room cooling problems.

Data AirFlow distinguishes itself by engineering data systems as ticketing software, CRM, or any data system. Not only clients get their own data system, but they will have unique architecture made just for them. The process starts by engineers getting to know every aspect of the business to properly adjust the building blocks.